Thank You -- City of Richmond Hill & Government of Canada Support

Post date: Mar 7, 2013 3:56:48 PM

3 Millions Infrastructure Upgrade to YRSA rink

As part of the Government’s Economic Action Plan 2012, Richmond Hill MP Costas Menegakis today announced $722,833 in federal funding for the rehabilitation of the Elvis Stojko Arena in Richmond Hill.

The improvements will be funded through the federal government’s Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund grant, announced by Richmond Hill Conservative MP Costas Menegakis last week, with an additional $350,000 from the federal gas tax fund and remaining $1.359 million through the Town of Richmond Hill.

“Our Government is committed to creating jobs, growth and long-term prosperity for Canadians through investments in our community infrastructure,” said MP Menegakis. “By improving facilities like the Elvis Stojko Arena, which are an integral part of the community, we are helping to boost economic activity and maintain a high quality of life for residents of all ages.”

“We are very pleased to be receiving this grant,” said Mayor Dave Barrow. “Our arenas are very popular and thanks to this funding we are able to make some much-needed repairs and improvements that will benefit residents for years to come.”

Built 28 years ago, Elvis Stojko Arena is now showing its age. This major renovation, partially funded by the CIIF grant, will bring new life to the facility with upgraded seating, fresh paint and completely redone change rooms. Renovation work is set to begin in April 2013 and end in September 2013.

“Having benefited from years of training at arenas in Richmond Hill, I’m happy that today’s announcement will help ensure access to quality facilities for skaters now and in the future,” said Anthony Kan, Richmond Hill resident and 2013 Canadian Junior National Figure Skating Champion.

Here is the news release at MSN