Attention! Attention! Volunteers needed for Winter Glitters!

Post date: Jan 9, 2012 8:31:27 PM

Dear Club Members,With the Winter Glitters competition fast approaching, we need all the helping hands we can get to make this event an ever bigger success than before. This is the second time our club is hosting the competition and we know that with everybody's active involvement we will bring more proceeds to the club.

The YRSA Board of Directors is introducing the skater's fund this year and ALL the proceeds will go directly to this fund. As a member of the club, your child can benefit from it as long as you are able to contribute some time at this or any other club event this year. In addition, you will show your child/ren that you care about the club they spend so many hours skating at and working along other volunteer parents will definitively show appreciation one for another. So please sign up your name on the board for the volunteer position that you are comfortable in.

Another great help is to donate a raffle prize for the event. All proceeds from raffles generate 100% profit for the skater's fund.

We hope to see you all at the event!