2017 Skate Canada Challenge Competitors

Post date: Nov 8, 2016 4:08:35 AM

YRSA skaters qualified to compete at 2017 Skate Canada Challenge with the following CO Sectionals results:

Junior Women

Cara Pekos – Bronze Medalist

Victoria Bocknek – 4th Place

Novice Women

Lilika Zheng – Silver Medalist

Amelia Orzel – 4th Place

Jordyn Andreevski – 7th Place

Pre-Novice Men

Rio Morita – Bronze Medalist

Junior Men

Conrad Orzel – Bye

Jack Dushenski – Silver Medalist

Novice Men

Max Denk – Silver Medalist

Hugo Li – Bronze Medalist

Nov. 30 – Dec 4, 2016

Sportsplexe Pierrefonds (Pierrefonds, QC)