National Skaters

COVID-19 Concern: Facility Closure

These are challenging times and unfortunately some difficult decisions are required to be made.

The Board has been notified by The City of Richmond Hill that all facilities will be closed effective immediately. This affects all Academy and Canskate Sessions.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as needed.

The Board will assess all programs and once a new schedule is received by The City of Richmond Hill, we will adjust accordingly.

Roman Sadovsky


2019/2020 National Team Member

2019 Senior Men National Competitor

2018 ISU Skate Canada International Competitor

2018 ISU Autumn Classic Bronze Medalist

2018/2019 National Team Member

2018 Senior Men National Competitor

2017 ISU Senior Grand Prix (Skate America) Competitor, Lake Placid, New York

2017 ISU Junior World Championships Competitor, Taipei City, Taiwan

2017 Senior Men National Competitor

2016 JGP Estonia Silver Medalist

2016 JGP Japan 5th Place

2016 Senior Men National Competitor

2015 ISU JGP International Finalist

2015/2016 Senior Men Challenge Bye

2015/2016 Senior Men Sectional Bye

2015 ISU JGP Bronze Medalist (Torun, Poland)

2015 ISU JGP Gold Medalist (Bratislava, Slovakia)

2015 National Team Member

2015 Junior World Team Member

2015 Senior Men National Competitor 4th Place

2014/2015 Senior Men Sectional Bye

2014 ISU JGP International finalist

2014 ISU JGP International Gold Medalist (Ostrava, Czech Republic)

2014 Junior Men World Competitor 13th place

2013/2014 Senior Men National Competitor 8th place

2013/2014 Senior Men Challenge Competitor

2013/2014 Senior Men Sectional Silver Medalist

2013 Junior Eastern/Western Challenge Champion

2013 Junior CO Sectional Silver Medalist

2012 ISU Junior Grand Prix Competitor 10th place (Bled, Slovenia)

2012 ISU Junior Grand Prix Bronze Medalist (Lake Placid)

2012 Junior Skate Detroit Champion

2012 Novice International Challenge Cup Champion (Hague, Netherlands)

2012 Novice National Silver Medalist.

2012 Novice Challenge Silver Medalist

2012 Novice Sectional Champion

2011 Novice Trillium Cup Bronze Medalist

2010 Pre-Novice Ontario Winter Games Silver Medalist

2010 Pre-Novice National Competitor 6 place

2010 Pre-Novice Sectional Bronze Medalist

2009 Juvenile Trillium Cup Champion

2009 Juvenile Sectional Silver Medalist

2008 Junior Bronze Ontario Champion

2008 Junior Bronze COS Champion

Victoria Bocknek


2018 Junior Women National Bronze Medalist

2018 Junior Women Challenge Competitor (5th Place)

2018 Junior Women Provincial Silver Medalist

2017 Junior Women National Competitor

2017 Junior Women Challenge Competitor

2016/2017 Junior Women Sectionals- 4th Place

2015/2016 Novice Women Challenge Competitor

2015/2016 Novice Women Sectional Competitor

2014/2015 Pre-Novice Women Sectional Competitor

2013/2014 Pre-Novice Women Sectional Competitor

2013 Juvenile Women (U11) Skate Ontario Cup Champion

2013 Juvenile Women (U11) STARSkate Bronze Medalist

2012/2013 Juvenile Women (U11) Sectional Silver Medalist

2011/2012 Pre-Juvenile Sectional Competitor

Hana Watanabe


2019 Junior Women National Competitor

2019 Junior Women Challenge Competitor

2019 Junior Women Provincial Bronze Medalist

2018 Novice Women Ontario Winter Games Silver Medalist

2018 Novice Women National Competitor

2017 Pre-Novice Women National Competitor

Sydney Yen


2019 Novice Women Challenge Competitor

2019 Novice Women Provincial Competitor

2018 Novice Women National Competitor