Competitive Academy

YRSA is a multi-faceted figure skating club. It serves competitive skaters at all levels in addition to providing skating opportunities to a local community through our CanSkate program. Our club includes skaters from 2 years of age up to 65, girls and boys at all levels. We operate 5 to 7 days a week, all year around.

Our program provides a comprehensive skating opportunities and it includes Learn To Skate, Power Skate, Adult Skate and all levels of the competitive stream skating.

If you are interested in joining the YRSA Winter Club, please call YRSA Skating Director, Tracey Wainman at 905-771-9054 for an audition.

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Intro - To - Junior / Junior Academy

JUNIOR ACADEMY is a pre-competitive program directed towards a skater with an interest in competitive skating.

    • The program combines a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere to learn the quality basics of figure skating at a young age.
    • Skaters learn musical interpretation, movement, edges, jumps, spins and footwork.
    • Skaters must first audition for the program through the Skating Director and must be 8 years of age or younger to enter the program.
    • The On-Ice and Off-Ice programs are taught by our competetive team of coaches with constant supervision in a group environment.
    • Private lessons and the assignment of a private coach will be at the discrection of YRSA Skating Director.


INTERMEDIATE program is geared towards skaters pursuing competitive skating.

  • Skaters are under 11 years of age and have accomplished a Loop jump and are working towards 3 double jumps.

Senior B / Senior B Advanced

SENIOR B program is geared towards skaters involved with competitive skating.

    • Skaters are landing 3 - 5 double jumps.

Senior A / Elite

THE SENIOR A/ELITE program is geared towards an Elite competitor with the focus to become a member of the Skate Canada National Team.

  • The Senior A skater lands a double axel.

  • The ELITE Skater must consistently land 2 clean triple jumps and be a National/International competitor and/or must consistently land 3 Triple jumps and is recommended for this level by YRSA Skating Director.

The OFF-ICE program is a vital part of our club training and is composed of performing arts, ballet alignment, fitness and sports science.

It compliments all aspects of elite training and can involve:

  • Ballet Modern and Jazz Dance Psychology
  • Drama Physiology, Hip Hop
  • Stretch, Aerobics, Pilates
  • Biomechanics
  • Costumes and Grooming
  • Nutrition

The ON-ICE program offers training time, group classes emphasizing strength and endurance development, theatre-on-ice, stroking, artistic figures and competition/test simulations. All skaters involved with the club program are encouraged to maintain a high academic standard, build up confidence to perform in front of others and develop hard work practice habits.

To prepare skaters for competition, they perform their routines under a simulated 'competition' environment. Prior to major competitions, Skate Canada judges are invited to critique the skaters performance, which also includes the choreography and skating outfits.

Seminars with guest coaches are arranged multiple times a year. This gives skaters a break from an everyday training, and provides a different perspective to the skills of the skater. All skaters are encouraged to participate in these seminars.