Joanne McLeod

YRSA Founder

Joanne McLeod, who founded YRSA in 1986, is a Level 5 Certified NCCP World & Olympic Team Coach. Having trained many National and International Champions, Joanne was awarded the Wittnauer CFSA/COS Coach of the Year Award. Her talent has been recognized to include an invite to the World Professional Championship, a Coaching Association of Canada Scholarship, and a GMCC Performing Arts Scholarship for Dance. These studies advanced her to become Artistic Director and Producer for the Ice Theatre of Toronto, as well as choreographer for various film and TV Specials. With 20 years experience as Senior Professional at the Royal Glenora Club, Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club, and Director at the YRSA, Joanne is currently the Skating Director of the CFSA Center of Excellence in Burnaby, British Columbia.