The York Region Skating Academy was established in 1986 by Joanne McLeod, a World and Olympic Coach. It invited figure skaters from various skating clubs in the York Region and Greater Toronto Area to audition for entrance to the academy. Training at the academy went beyond what many skaters were doing at their own clubs and offered, as it does today, artistic figures, edge skills, footwork, stretch, choreography, off-ice classes, theatre and technique workshops.

In May 1994, YRSA was officially adopted as a Canadian Figure Skating Association (CFSA, now known as Skate Canada) Club. The York Region Skating Academy operated under two separate and distinct entities, namely the YRSA Winter Club and the YRSA Training Centre both sanctioned by the CFSA. In September 1999, the YRSA Winter Club and the YRSA Training Centre become one entity and now operates year round as the York Region Skating Academy (“YRSA”).

Over the years, skaters from all parts of Canada and from around the world have trained at YRSA. The United States of America, Japan, Slovenia, France, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico, Greece, England and Ukraine are just some of the countries that have sent skaters to train at YRSA, a true International Training Centre.

YRSA currently operates under YRSA Skating Director, Tracey Wainman and is run by a group of dedicated volunteer parents serving on the Board of Directors. Tracey has been with the club in excess of 10 years and her dedication to the club is truly reflected in the success of YRSA (over 30 years in serving the Richmond Hill community).

YRSA provides instruction and training to the Competitive skater as well as providing Learn To Skate and Adult programs. More than eighty percent of our members are residents of Richmond Hill. YRSA takes pride in not just the focused champion, but also in developing team spirit, self discipline and confidence in becoming not just an athlete, but a well rounded individual.